I really like this outfit and thought it would be perfect for walking the streets of Madrid.

I have paired my jeans with a striped grey marl split top to separate the blacks in the outfit.
I thought the leather gilet would go well, giving me a bit of a biker look.

These Prada sunnies have been a new purchase of mine! I love them and had been eyeing them up for while since I first saw them in Selfridges.
I love the pattern of the swirl on the arm, they also do this model in different colours, the bad thing about this is I want them all.



Knitted Top-Asos

I love looking at peoples' personal style.  I don't really look at celebrities personal style, however, when it comes to the Kardashians I do! I'm a big fan.

I love Kendall Jenner's style!  It's very simplistic, but effortlessly sleek. I saw a photo of her wearing a knitted top and some wide leg trousers and it inspired me to go out and put together a similar outfit. 

Obviously, I searched high and low to find pieces that were affordable but were of good quality.

The structured trousers make it look formal, however the trainers have toned down the outfit so it looks effortless.

This is a really comfy outfit and suits all different scenarios. 


Photography-Dijian Eccles

Heeled Sandals-Public Desire

The summer sales have been amazing and as expected, I took advantage! I had been eying up this co-ord for a while and when I saw both top and bottom in the sale I knew they belonged in my basket. Although it is now classed as 'summer' here in the UK, there is no way of getting rid of this rain, so this co-ord, made out of jacquard, is great for these days.

Co-ords are great for creating a stylish and sleek outfit. I have teamed up the co-ord with these beautiful black lace up heeled sandals and my new pair of Prada sunnies which I have totally fallen in love with. This outfit is perfect for the summer and would also look great in winter.


Sunglasses-Marc Jacobs | Heels-Zara | Jeans-BDG Urban Outfitters | Top-H&M | Mac-Asos

Macs/Trench Coats are a great transitional piece when going into spring. The weather is such a deception in the UK one minute it can warm and sunny, the next it can be raining and feel like winter!  So when it comes to grabbing something that ensures your not too hot/cold this is a great piece.


Ive realised as you turn older you want less things, but each individual item is slightly more expensive than when you were a child. These are just some things I'm loving at the moment and are on my birthday wish list!


 Sunglasses-(Similar), Jacket-Asos, Jeans-Topshop,Bag-Zara,Chelsea Boots-Asos

I was walking along the beach and thought it was a good opportunity to catch some beautifully lit outfit shots against the tranquil background.
This is just an outfit I chucked together whilst I was away in Swanage for a couple of days, you can't really go wrong with a turtle neck and I opted for the Topshop Joni Jeans as they are so comfy!


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