Clutch-Milk It

When I was in L.A I couldn't believe I was actually there. Seeing the 'HollyWood" sign was a dream come true.  We headed up there late in the afternoon and the sunset was falling quickly so had to try and get some shots done. 
We had a lovely Uber driver called Michael. He went out of his way to ensure we got the shots we needed.
It was actually his first time taking passengers up there and seeing the views across L.A so It was nice to share It with him.

I actually filmed whilst I was out there so check out my mini Vlog.

Clutch-Milk It
Heels-Steve Madden

L.A has been a great experience, I've had some great laughs and met some great people and will cherish those memories forever. Its taught me 'Your Life Is What You Make It To Be'. 
Peace L.A be back soon.



As soon as I found out I was visiting Los Angeles the first thing on my 'to do list' was Rodeo.  Pretty Woman is one of my favourite films and this was the area In which it was based.  Before heading to Rodeo we stopped at the Beverly Wiltshire Four Seasons Hotel for breakfast.

No doubt Rodeo Drive Is for the rich and famous and the shops are far too expensive, but It doesn't mean you can't walk up and down this road and take In what It has to offer.

Im still currently in L.A and cannot believe I'm actually here!


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