Autumn is officially here!  We've had our fair share of rain yesterday along side thunder and lightening. 

I love summer don't get me wrong, but the autumn/winter months are my fav.
I love being able to layer and wear big jackets and boots and get ready for Halloween, Bonfire Night and Crimbo.

These are a few of my favourite's currently, what are yours?



Yesterday was the hottest day of the year can you believe? 
To be honest I thought it was going to be my last chance to wear a summery outfit without a jacket before the leaves start falling and the temperature drops.

I've had these trainers for quite some time and I hardly wear them as they are exclusives and I try to keep them fresh! 

This dress went perfectly well in terms of the shade and I thought I'd style with trainers rather than your typical sandals.

I love my box clutch from SkinnyDip, their stuff is very unique, they also do great phone cases and have recently collaborated with Coca Cola.

This is definitely my last summer blog post, I'm sure in the next post the weather will be back to low 10's and I'm sure I will be doing plenty of layering for the fall season.


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