I cannot believe we are almost at the end of October!  Is It me or does It feel like '16 is going so quick?

The one thing I love about autmun is stepping on the crunchy leaves and of course eating and cosying in my house watching movies.

I love tops with slogans, this top suited where I was going.  I went out for brunch haha.

I stopped off in Clapham Common and went to the Breakfast Club, I've been there before and its great.

The restaurant has such a cool/retro vibe and suits your taste bud's, even when you decide to get up at 3pm.

This time round I opted for Fried Chicken&Waffles and my go-to drink the 'Red Juice' which consists of beetroot, ginger, pomegranate, lemon, carrot & apple. 
Perfect in my eyes if your suffering from a hangover and want to try and get the toxins out of you!