So on Friday, I attended London Fashion Week Festival with the Sheyna

I visited LFWF back when I was in school and it has come a long way, from the change of location, the shops and the whole aesthetic of LFWF.

I feel like I am a literally a Zaraholic, my top, jeans and platform brogues are from Zara and my Fur jacket is from TKmaxx.  

I got a lot of looks at my shoes they are very Prada'esk.
I have linked clickable pics to shop the pieces.

Before the runway, we browsed various stores and I fell in love with a YSL clutch and my beloved Givenchy Antigona which I have been lusting over for years.

I bought a v cool tee which I will be styling on here soon.
Our show was at 2:00 pm and we saw a beautiful collection by Jamie Wei Huang, there was a mix of different models which I loved to see, especially in the fashion industry.

Her pieces seemed very versatile which could be dressed up or down.
I noticed there was a lot of red/blues and the clothing was very loose and not structured.

This made me very excited for A/W 2018 but I've just about had enough of winter for now...summer where you at?!

25.2.18 180 Strand, London WC2R 1EA, UK


I know I haven't posted on here for a month or so, I've been focusing a lot of my time on my photography whether that means designing my website, sourcing models, doing shoots or coming up with new Ideas.  If you didn't already know I've got a diploma in photography and have recently started to take it more seriously and try and build my portfolio, you can see my photography insta here

I am hating the cold at the moment and cannot wait for it to be spring.  I decided to go on a brisk walk to Ashridge Forest with my doggy diesel and get some fresh air.

I was slightly over dressed for a dog walk and had a lot of stares but who cares?
I didn't mean to rhyme that btw lol.

My Timbs look like their ruined but I assure you they're not.  With a bit of help of Crep Protect and a nubuck brush should do the trick.  I had been eyeing up this H&M jumper for ages and decided to buy it.

I have a love/hate relationship with this hat haven't quite figured out if I suit them but I still rock it anyway.

2018 is already flying by, I have ticked off quite a few things off of my goals list which is amazing for me, I have been super productive and feeling very positive.

I am heading to LFW next week so I should have some more content regarding that on here soon,  I cannot wait!!

12.2.18 Moneybury Hill, Ringshall, Berkhamsted HP4 1LT, UK




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