I cannot believe its 2019, it feels so weird to be writing a blog post, as I haven't done one for what feels like years.  I wanted to take a break as I felt pressured to create content and wasn't living for the moment,  this was taking the fun & enjoyment out of creating and those were the reasons why I started this. I know its a NewYear and its so cliche to make changes however I've decided to delete all of my previous posts and start afresh, I have done the same with my photography Instagram.  I'm all for seeing the glow up and progression however I hate showcasing my work that I am no longer happy with.  2018 has been a roller coaster for me, I've been umming and ahhing whether I will go into more detail on the internet.

In December I went to NYC, New York has always been a dream of mine especially to go around Christmas...I'm a massive fan of Elf.  It was probably the coldest I've ever been in my life ( no exaggeration ).  I really want to go back in spring when the temperature is milder.  I feel like wherever you go, you don't get to see/experience it properly until the second time.  Alongside my blog I decided to take a break from my personal photography portfolio, I found myself stuck in a creative rut and realised I need to focus on my well being.  I purchased a 35mm film camera just before my trip to play around with,  I actually ended up taking more photos on my film camera than my DSLR.   I feel like I am now in such a better place since having a break to return to my creative platforms.

Thank you to those of you that have stuck by me.

H x